How to customize fabric model ?

English version :

Goals of the Tutorial

Customize patterns using fabric texture by adding your graphics. As always, in an editable and dynamic way!

This video is a complement of the previous one in which I proposed a method to customize your models by adding images as if it were part of the texture.
So I will not repeat the part about the positioning and the perfect fusion between an image and your model, I let you go take a look at the previous video if you have not seen it hard 5min.
The first thing to do is to select our cushion is noted the name of the material used. Here Whool.001. Then we select the plane and give it the same material. By clicking on the number next to the name we make a copy of this material. We will then be able to play here without modifying the cushion.

Change the texture coordinates using “Object” and select the cushion.

Now the goal is to match the size of the texture on the plane with that on the cushion.

The next step is to incorporate (it’s actually done so-called cooking) to mix our personalized image with the fabric texture.
To do this I add a node “image texture”, in which I select my image.

We do not connect anything to vectoor input and it is voluntary, because in the absence of entry, Cycles, by default, will take the UV Map is it is stack what we want. I just put a node mix RGB just out of my fabric texture, I also connect my image and I set up the node to multiply.

It is the node HUE / Saturation that will finish our colorimetric mixture (we stay in the world of the kitchen it must be because I’m hungry) short and we play on the parameter “Value”, in my case I will put 5.
Finally, more than 2 nodes to see the magic operate, a mix shader and a transparent shader, all controlled by the alpha output of my image.
And now the open your eyes, we can turn our plan, change its size, move it and it always perfectly integrated to our cushion. Note that the pattern of the fabric is always in the right direction and the right scale whatever happens !
The better : you can duplicate the plan, and multiply the details instantly. Want another picture? Duplicate, move, create a copy of the material and simply change the source image.
I’m happy to share this with you, this flexibility is really nice, in architecture scene of course but the technique can adapt to a lot of situations.