How to add texture details on 3D model ?

English version :

Goals of tutorial :

Customize our 3d models by adding elements that give the illusion of being part of the texture.


Here, no UV unfolding, no painting. Simply a quick and easily editable method.

Exemples :

Step 1 : activate Import Images as Planes

Go to User Preferences, addon tab. Search “image”, “Import Images as Planes” show up, activate the addon and close the window.

Step 2 : Place your image

We start by placing the slider barely ready where we want to add our image.

With Shift + A we will look for Images as Planes. The browser is then open allowing us to choose our image, after which we click on Import.

The first thing to do is to place the plane just above the surface by placing it tangent to it.

In order to prepare the continuation, one goes in edit mode one selects the face and one cuts it with the key W then Subdivide. I use the F6 key to display the menu that allows me to mount the subdivisions to 10.

The rest happens only on the side of modifiers. I start with a surface subdivision that I put on simple. This allows subdivisions without rounding the geometry, so I keep a rectangle rectangle.

Then I add a Shrinkwrap, we set the mode to “project” and check the 2 boxes positive and negative.

With the pipette, I select the surface on which my image will stick and I adjust the offset to place the plane just above my object.

It remains a problem: the shadow of my image and reflection on the body betrays the addition that we just made. Let’s go to the “Object” tab and then to the “cycles settings” section. Uncheck all the boxes except the “camera” box.

Without shadows or reflections, the illusion is perfect.

Step 3 : customize the shader

In my case, I want to make illusion that my image is integrated into my car, as if it were painted with the rest. It is then necessary to go for the shader of the support (here : the car) and to use it instead of the diffuse node which is placed by default in the shader of the plan.

We now have a perfect fusion between the medium and the graphic element. It’s easy fast and editable.

Go further in the adaptation of the sticker

I add a very long image and I would like her to follow the curve that separates the hood from the bumper.

I add a change “Simple Deform” just before the shrinkwrap and I pass it in Bend. It only remains to adjust the angle and it is impeccable.

As you have seen it is simple, effective (no need to unfold the UV or know how to use the paint mode). In addition you can duplicate and add a lot of details in a few clicks and of course it is EASY EDITABLE.