Adjusting Your Mesh


Use of the adjustment menu.

  1. Click and hold Left Click to open the adjustment menu.
  2. Place your cursor on an option.
  3. Release the Left Click to select that option.

Adjustment Setting

Each adjustment can be set by moving the mouse cursor horizontally. Holding Ctrl or Shift will let you make
bigger or finer adjustments respectively.

Additionally you can type a value while holding Shift and then press Enter to confirm.

Exit the current adjustment

To exit the current adjustment you can press Left Click .

Adjustment Options

Rectangle / Shape / Path


Toggle between Thickness and Offset by pressing C
To Cross the whole mesh press V

First Bevel

Adds a bevel to every vertex before the solidify. By default all vertices are selected and the bevel will be added to all. To make a custom selection.

  1. Press X with the mouse cursor away of the mesh to deselect all vertices.
  2. Place the mouse cursor over the desired vertex.
  3. Press X to add that vertex to the selection.
  4. Redo steps 2 and 3 to add more vertices to the selection.
  5. Press C to change between Concave / Straight / Convex profiles.
  6. You can press X to finish with the selection and make a new one or Left Click to exit the First Bevel adjustment.


To add different profile to different vertices deselect by pressing X away from the mesh and select different vertices as described in steps 2 and 3.

To reset the First Bevel you can select all vertices by pressing X and move the mouse cursor to the left or hold Shift and type 0.

Second Bevel

The Second Bevel is added to the whole mesh and it is usually best to adjust the solidify offset before adding it.

  1. Adjust the bevel width or the angle limit by toggling between them with V.
  2. Press C to switch profiles between Round and Straight.
  3. Press Del to remove the Second Bevel.



The mirror will introduce a Widget at the origin of your “mirror object” (reference object).
To mirror on your desired axis just place your cursor over the widget and when it highlights you can Left Click.


To change the mirror object place your cursor on the Desired object and press C .


The Array will introduce a Widget at the origin of your mesh.

  1. To activate an axis for the array place your mouse cursor over the widget to highlight and press Left Click .
  2. Press S to toggle between Offset and Count for the selected axis.
  3. Press Del to remove the array on the selected axis.


Additionally there is an option to change how the array is calculated. By default Fluent uses a smart system to maintain the centre of the array at its origin and expand in both directions. In the Other Adjustment menu you can change this behaviour to the more traditional way.

Second Solidify

Second solidify will add an additional solidify modifier to the mesh.

  1. Press C to choose the Fake Slice preset.
  2. Press Del to remove the Second Solidify


Circular Array

This option will create a circular array. The position of the mesh will be the centre for the circular array.

  1. Adjust the radius of the circular array.
  2. Press C to toggle and adjust the number of elements.
  3. Press V to rotate on the Local Z axis.
  4. Press B to rotate on the Local Y axis.
  5. Press Del to remove the Circular Array


Curve (Shape Only)

Curve will allow you to smooth the angles of your cutter and is accessible only after using Shape to Cut / Slice / Inset. You have the option to adjust the level of subdivision for a smoother result. The example below shows one way of using the Curve option.



The Dimensions option will give you the ability to adjust your cutter plane with accuracy.

  1. Adjust the dimensions by moving the mouse horizontally.
  2. Press C to toggle between the X and Y axis.
  3. Hold Shift , type a value and then press Enter to Confirm.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to adjust for the other axis.


In the above example with the help of the grid we create a cut at the exact centre and then we make it a perfect 1m x 1m. You can then adjust the solidify as you wish.

General Adjustments

These adjustments work on the Boolean Objects (Cutters) created with Fluent.

  1. Press E to make a preset if you want to re-use a Cutter with the same options.
  2. Press Shift + E to Clear a preset and use the default values.
  3. Press H to toggle the visibility of the Cutter.

For example, it is sometimes useful to hide the cutter to better adjust the second solidify.

Adjustment Options

The Circle Objects created with Fluent have two different adjustment options than the other objects. Both are shown in the example below.



By moving the mouse you can adjust the radius of the circular object.


This option adjusts the resolution steps for the the object. You can adjust by moving the mouse horizontally or you can hold Shift, type the value you want and press Enter .

Pressing C will set the steps to 128 for a smooth result.

Creating a path will give you two other options to adjust, Depth/Height and Thickness. These options are shown below.