Power Trip Tools

What it does ?

Add a grid (real geometry) in a cut made with a drawing tool of Fluent.
The grids are editable inside Fluent :

  1. Grid size
  2. Hole size
  3. Position (up or down in the cut)
  4. Solidify

14 Grid models

How to use ?

  1. Make a cut.
  2. Display the boolean object FShow/Hide boolean object
  3. Select the boolean object.
  4. FGrid
  5. Hold left click then release of on an item.
  6. Hold left click to adjust as usual.

Update a grid after cut changes

If you edited a cut in which you added a grid, select the grid, press FEdit to update the grid. Left click to quit.


The grid’s modifier stack contains bevel or subsurf modifers. They are disable in the viewport, to keep a fluent viewport, but be activated for the renders.

How to adapt a grid on a sphere ?

  1. Select the grid.
  2. Add a cast modifier just before the solidify modifier.
  3. Set the cast modifier.
    1. Shape → Sphere
    2. Axis → X/Y/Z
    3. Factor → 1
    4. Object → the cut object