Power Trip Tools

What it does?

With the pipe tool you are able to create pipes / tubes / handle meshes in a very convenient way. Additionally you have the option to use some editable presets or use your own designs.

How to use


  1. Press FPipe .
  2. Left Click on a face or press Ctrl + Left Click to snap to the centre of a face to place your first point.
  3. Press Left Click on surface or Ctrl + Left Click to finish your pipe.
  4. Adjust as usual.

Additionally you have option to create a straight pipe mesh. After the first point you can hold Shift and place your second point.

Basic Pipe Adjustments

As with the other Fluent object adjustments there are some basic adjustments which can be accessed in the Left Click menu.



Reuse and Reset

To Reuse the settings of another pipe you have already created:

  1. Select Reuse from the menu.
  2. Place your cursor over the pipe you want to copy the settings from.
  3. Press Left Click to confirm.

Additionally you can reset a pipe back to its default settings by pressing on Reset .


Adding a Ring

With Fluent you have the ability to add and adjust rings on you pipe.



If you want to adjust your rings:

  1. Select your pipe.
  2. Enter Edit mode from Fluent pie menu.
  3. Press R to select a ring.
  4. Press R to cycle through all the rings on the curve.

Use your own objects as Rings and along the path.

With Fluent you can also use your own designs on a pipe as rings or along the path. With this you can create your own custom pipes with ease as Fluent will arrange everything.

  1. Add Your Ring 
    You can adjust Size and Position
  2. Add Your Design
    You can adjust the Gap and the Size.




In the Pipe options you will find a set of adjustable pipe presets. These include a circular and a straight pipe preset.