Snap grid

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The grid is made up of points that the cursor can snap to.

What is displayed ?

  1. The blue dots are calculated points arranged uniformly.
  2. The white dots represent the vertices contained in the object.
  3. The white circle is the center of the grid.
  4. The cross is the pivot point for rotation.

Display the snap grid

Right click on a face.

Perspective / Othrographic view → 2 differents behaviors

In perspective view the grid is stick on a face of the object.
In orthographic view, the grid is aligned with the view.

The grid manipulations

The grid menu is automatically displayed when the snap grid is called.

Move the grid menu

Hold left click on this menu to grab it and move it where you want on the viewport.

Square resolution

By default the dot distribution is calculated according to the face.
This button force a square distribution of the black dots.


The resolution adjusts the black dots density.
Hold left click and move your cursor from left to right.


Change the global grid size. Do not be available if the grid is stuck on a face.
Hold left click and move your cursor from left to right.

Extend grid

By default, the grid is extended to every coplanar vertices. Use this function to force the grid to consider only the face you clicked on.

Rotate X/Y/Z

Rotate the snap grid along X/Y/Z local axis of the drawing plane, not the scene axis.
Hold left click and move your cursor from left to right.


Hold left click and move the cursor.

Show/Hide the grid

Show/hide the grid

White dots

Show/Hide the white dots.

Move the white cross

To place the white cross, right click on the grid.

Align the grid along an edge

You can align the grid along an edge or between any dots of the grid.

  1. Place your cursor above a dot.
  2. Press X.
  3. Place your cursor above an other dot.
  4. Press X.