Cloth panel

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What is the cloth panel tool ?

The tool transforms the surface of an object into a cloth surface, and applies a physical simulation. Automatic remeshing, automatic creation of the pin group, automatic start and stop of the simulation.


This tool requires the prior download of Instant Mesh, a free and open source program that will be used for the remesh.

  1. Download Instant Mesh. (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  2. Unzip.
  3. In the Fluent’s preferences, specify the path of the executable file (the FILE not the folder).
    1. For Mac user, complete the path like that : Instant Meshes

If you have the QuadRemesh addon, you can use it instead of Instant Mesh. Change the remesh tool in the add-on preferences.

Use the cloth panel tool

  1. Select an object (in object mode)
  2. Press F
  3. Cloth Panel
  4. Select faces
  5. Press Enter

Parameters and references


The resolution is the number of faces per m².


The wrinkle amount. Negative value use to make more wrinkles.


The strength which pushs on the cloth surface.


How much the cloth resist to the pressure


Apply the simulation. Unckecked if you want to keep the cloth simulation modifier and tweak it in the physic tab of Blender.

Separate by face

Each face will be use to make a cloth panel.

cloth panel start

Starting situation


Choose the topology used for the physic simulation.

Remesh after simulation

Remesh the cloth panel into quad mesh after the simulation.