Make & bake awesome custom materials using a polished procedural workflow that was designed for actual artists.
Tell your model's epic story as you apply edge wear, grime, chipped paint, mud, scratches, and more!

Fluent : Materializer gives you easy-to-use, infinite possibilities at the tips of your ambitious nerdfingers.
Stay inside Blender as you create or improve any material, right up to the end, no UVs required. Materialize your vision!

A tool suite to make your own procedural materials

The spirit of Materializer

A complete and consistent workflow, no premade materials.

A global method, no one shot tips.

Allow everyone to raise their level.

A pie menu for a fast node tree building

Addition and auto-connection of layers, mix layers and edge/cavity masks.

A library of procedural effects

More than 40 nodes has been designed to be easily combined together. Especially designed for the Materializer workflow.

  • Imperfections

    Smudges, scratches, impacts, fingerprints, dried water drops, dust...

  • Grunge

    Various grunge and gradient grunge styles.

  • Metal

    Brushed, radial brushed, hammered, gold, copper, platinium...

  • Patterns

    Herringbone, diamond plate, diamond tile, grids (circles, rings, hexagons, triangle)...

  • Fabric

    Knitted, polyester, leather, wrinkles...

  • Liquid

    Drops, stains, drips...

  • City

    Asphalt, puddles, road lines...

  • And more...

    Plastic grain, cracked paint, paint details, glass shader...

    The library will grow more and more with every update !

Bake function to export your work

Export in 1 click your creations with a resolution from 1k to 8k.

Export color, metallic, roughness and normal maps.

Improve any material

Extremely versatile, Materializer is not a closed tool that only works with itself! It integrates with your existing materials to add all the details you need.

  • *basic human model made with Human Generator addon

No UVs*, customisation and infinite variations :
the power of procedural texturing

Don't need to unwrap UVs 🤗

No seams effects 😎

Infinite resolution 🤩

Infinite variations ♾

High level of customisation ⚙️

*obviously, the patterns nodes need UVs.

Understand what you do, master the node tree

Say no to big nodes you don't understand and avoid scary node trees with 300 nodes.

Materializer strikes a balance. Understand your materials and see your skills improve.
The workflow is based on layers, layer mixers and stackable effects and offers both great customization and complete understanding while limiting the size and complexity of the node tree.

Road map

Get Fluent : Materalizer